Addiction Recovery: You can do this!

Why I watch “Frozen” every day

This was me. from as long as i can remember.

I hid who i was.

I knew if anyone knew… it would be a horrible life. so i kept my mouth shut.

It lead me down the road to drugs and alcohol.

Its hard to hide who you are especially from yourself.

The best moment in my life was why i decided to 

Now, I can stand PROUD of who i am I am clean and i am happy.

It might not please everyone, but it pleases me.

Their opinions never bothered me anyway!

It’s the best advice i can give anyone.

the basic text 6th. Edition, Page 65

"Tradition Three - ‘The Only Requirement For Membership Is A Desire To Stop Using.’ This tradition is important for both the individual and the group."

the basic text 6th. Edition, Page 33

"Usually, as we share this step (Step 5), the listener will share some of his or her story too. We find that we are not unique. We see, by the acceptance of our confidant, that we can be accepted just the way we are."

the basic text 6th. Edition, Page 64

“Some will resist (group conscience). However, many will become the role models for the newcomers. The self-seekers soon find that they are on the outside, causing dissension and eventually disaster for themselves. Many of them change; they learn that we can only be governed by a loving God as expressed in our group conscience.”

If you have not read my story… you can find it here

If you have not read my story… you can find it here

The basic text 6th. Edition, Page 10

"We are united by our common problem of addiction. By meeting, talking, and helping other addicts, we are able to stay clean."